Necrodegenerate Phallus​-​Envenomation

from by Christgrinder



Atrocities are not the work
of just one man, Sheep in the herd
must lend their hands to ugly ways
Belsen was not built in a day

Milgram laid unwelcome truths of human nature bare:

A man’s dissent
Without lament
He’ll bury deep within
Pride he’ll swallow
Orders follow
And commit any sin

Moral Disengagement: No responsibility.
Collective obligation renders humans deaf to any plea.

We all have a little Eichmann within us.

What is evil? Evil is the willingness to submit to authority and normalise the unthinkable


from Whence Cometh Evil?, released April 11, 2015



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Christgrinder Stafford, UK

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