Whence Cometh Evil?

by Christgrinder

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Johnn Harbringer
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Johnn Harbringer Solid black metal. Love the fact that Matt from Slugdge is featured! Favorite track: Things That Walk, Which Ought To Crawl.
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released April 11, 2015



all rights reserved


Christgrinder Stafford, UK

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Track Name: Radix Malorum Est Fidelitas
Imagine, if you can a world run by the faithful
A sad and sterile planet of oppression ruled
By thought police, who on the fear of millions feast
Their jackboots on the necks of the grateful zombies who believe

Radix Malorum Est Fidelitas

Oily smiles and warm welcoming hands spread wide,
Beware the priest beckoning you to come inside.

Saints and martyrs fetishised
By a death cult built on human sacrifice
In life their divine warrant feared
And from the grave their bones still revered

"He that loveth father and mother more than me is not worthy of me!"

Their Holy Son is a loving lord
In lieu of promised peace he'll bring a sword
To loving bosom, man enfolds
Yet his enemies will be of his own household

Torture even unto and past the grave in hell is his guarantee
And guilt his only legacy

Angels fall from grace, clipped of wings
By puppeteers' hands, and severed strings

From a throne of gold his predecessors oversee
To reap ill gotten spoils while bleating "charity"

Another cleric stands, the bearer of the Word,
Whose actions speak so loud the sermon can't be heard

May their silver tongues tarnish, for we recall
How they behaved when the boot was on the other foot.

Radix Malorum Est Fidelitas, Religio Venena Omnia
Track Name: Whence Cometh Evil?
If God is willing, but he's not able to prevent evil, He is impotent.

If He is not willing, but able to prevent evil, He is malevolent

If God is both willing and able to prevent evil, whence cometh evil?

If he is neither willing, nor able to prevent evil, why call him God?
Track Name: All Is Dust
Now at last I have buried our shame
Entombed in armor we are from the taint of the Flesh-Change
Though many years now passed
Since we bled under our brothers knives
I have forgotten nothing of the day prosperity died.

So the Lord of Man sends the feral one
To execute the father of one thousand sons.
The cry of beasts rang out,With the charge of Prospero's end,
Their fangs ran red with the blood of the dead,
Who could tell the dogs from the men?

We will reclaim the wisdom, lost in ancient night,
Behind the darkness; gifted with the eyeless sight
The lord of change adorned to us,
This arcane secret, sorcerous,
Against the howling hounds of Russ,
The Crimson King cries "All is Dust"

Track Name: He of Cloven Hoof and Leathern Wing
O Men of the Earth, children of clay
I bestow to thee this stolen fire; the blessing of my name.
O Men of the Earth, ‘tis for thee I bear these chains
So my light may reverberate through every age.

O Men of the Earth, I once held favour in your eyes
Ba'al Zebul of Ugarit, the Lord on High
O Men of the Earth, every fallen idol am I
A graven image, a darker name, Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies!

O black winged spirit, bestow upon us the vigilance of the raven
O great horned one, bestow upon us the freedom and will of the
Goat, great Satyr, once Pan, now dwelleth in Pandeamonium,
O enemy of divine tyranny!
Before him all nations will gather, and fall to our dark masters' depths
Set unto his right hand the sheep, and the goats unto the left!
Track Name: Raped, Killed, and Raped Again
A vile act in life
But what meaning does this taboo carry past death
In an enlightened age?
Repulsive, yet amoral.

The corpse is no longer the human it once was
Violation of their memory
The sole, sentimental argument against necrolagnia
Track Name: Necrodegenerate Phallus-Envenomation
Atrocities are not the work
of just one man, Sheep in the herd
must lend their hands to ugly ways
Belsen was not built in a day

Milgram laid unwelcome truths of human nature bare:

A man’s dissent
Without lament
He’ll bury deep within
Pride he’ll swallow
Orders follow
And commit any sin

Moral Disengagement: No responsibility.
Collective obligation renders humans deaf to any plea.

We all have a little Eichmann within us.

What is evil? Evil is the willingness to submit to authority and normalise the unthinkable
Track Name: Faster Than The Speed of Darkness
How fast can you thrash?
Faster than the speed of darkness!
Track Name: To Reign In Hell
Devoid of thought the saved ones serve,
as one they kneel and rise
lacking reason, words are cheap
Automata, blank eyed.

Lucidity does not exist,
The mind an empty shell
To serve in heaven drives men mad,
Tis’ better to reign in hell

King for a day or slaves for an eternity?
Repetitive strain of the mind
And as they chant in God’s green land
To feed supplicavore’s demand
Cerebral gears and mental springs unwind.

How slowly the cosmic gulag fails,
Plainsong choir or restless, howling gale?
Dissentient souls with broken minds,
They fail and divine organs creak and grind.

The blessed lungs labour fitfully
As one by one the saved go mad or die
Pillars of heaven fall the end is nigh
A vision of fire: behold, paradise!
Track Name: Things That Walk, Which Ought To Crawl
Nor is it to be thought, that man is the oldest or the last of earth's masters
The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be

Summoned to the hall of my fathers,
I trek through bitter snow
Greeted by antiquarian rooves,
a dank warren of unease
Met by mute kinsman of disquieting aspect
Unmoving waxy cast to his features
Left among horrific tomes of forbidden lore

At the stroke of eleven,
I am Led ‘neath ancient sepulchre
Delving forgotten caverns,
amidst inhuman throng, the robed ones caper
To maddening flutes, Orgiastic celebration
Lit by bilious emerald flame

“They dwell in lonely climes
Sow dread, through space & time
They spread insanity, when stars align
Unbound, by Elder sign"

Urged by my foul guide
To mount abominations
To join their hideous cavalcade
To further blasphemies against nature
In terror, I fly To blessed unconsciousness
Awakening to no sign of eldritch things,
I recall forbidden knowledge:
Track Name: The Black Adhan
"God is not great
I testify that there is no God
I testify that Muhammad was nothing but a man
Do not pray
Prayer prevents success
Even sleep is better than salat.
There is no God.
The worship of god is a poison."
Track Name: Opening The Eye of Aisha
Peace be upon him; light of Islam.

The Mother of Believers, too young to be impure.
Ever was she favoured, by the Prophet
An intact maidenhead assured.

“The hungry gaze swept past me, but I didn’t deign to see
Absorbed in lands of make believe, and too young to forsee
So I was claimed - a silent prize, and silence gives consent,
Father bends the knee and gives the contract his assent.

A few short years have passed and now my husband claims his rights
He covets this forbidden fruit, the fruit is far from ripe.
Terror courses through me, I am drowned in shame and pain
the an old man soils the child and the profound becomes profane”

At last it is over, he withdraws his bloody sword
He who pretends to be the prophet of god
Track Name: Witchfinder General
Coming to get you, yeah
I'm coming to take you away
You witches are evil
You worship the devil
So listen to what I say
Come peacefully from out of your huts
Or I'll have you witches pray
I must destroy you
play and toy you
Watch you wither away

Who's coming to get you?
I'm coming to take you away?
Find you guilty witch woman
'Cos I am the Witchfinder General

Trial's begun and people come
From many towns around
I find them guilty just to please me
And feed them to the hounds
I bite their brains and cut their veins
And strike them to the ground
Insult their bodies till they're dead
Let the soil be their surround

Who's coming to get you. . .

He picks us up, he knocks us down
He says he hates our slang
He plays with us like pawns in chess
Come on let's get a gang
If your girl is tight, he'll take a bite
Say witch with evil man
If you've a hope, let's grab a rope
And watch the bastard hang

So you think you can beat me
Hang me completely
Should know better than that
I'll take your wenches
Tie them on benches
Feed them to a rat
So if you try me
Even deny me
I'll beat you, you're a pratt

So come on folks
Don't try provoke
'Cos to me you're a fragile gnat

'Cos I'm the Witchfinder General