Things That Walk, Which Ought To Crawl

from by Christgrinder



Nor is it to be thought, that man is the oldest or the last of earth's masters
The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be

Summoned to the hall of my fathers,
I trek through bitter snow
Greeted by antiquarian rooves,
a dank warren of unease
Met by mute kinsman of disquieting aspect
Unmoving waxy cast to his features
Left among horrific tomes of forbidden lore

At the stroke of eleven,
I am Led ‘neath ancient sepulchre
Delving forgotten caverns,
amidst inhuman throng, the robed ones caper
To maddening flutes, Orgiastic celebration
Lit by bilious emerald flame

“They dwell in lonely climes
Sow dread, through space & time
They spread insanity, when stars align
Unbound, by Elder sign"

Urged by my foul guide
To mount abominations
To join their hideous cavalcade
To further blasphemies against nature
In terror, I fly To blessed unconsciousness
Awakening to no sign of eldritch things,
I recall forbidden knowledge:


from Whence Cometh Evil?, released April 11, 2015
Guest vocals: Matt Moss (Slugdge)



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Christgrinder Stafford, UK

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